Summer Commercial Landscaping Tips

As we all know, the Sonora desert summers are very severe.  Like all the other seasons here in Phoenix Summers have their own demands and requirements. Prudent commercial landscaping design will balance keeping your property looking inviting and attractive with maintenance and above all, water consumption.

Using plants that stand the heat and low humidity well is key to having a good looking property.  However many commercial properties have grass lawns to create softer feel to the work environment and surroundings. The extremes for summer and winter requires significantly different approaches in commercial landscape maintenance.  For instance, while the watering times and schedules need to be adjusted for plants and trees, it is especially important to properly water your lawns in order to keep your lawns as healthy as possible while conserving water.  Your commercial landscaper should set this up automatically but Water – Use It Wisely has great tips on how to conserve water in Arizona all year round.

Property managers should be aware of the watering schedules for your properties. Walking your properties regularly is a good way to make sure that your irrigation system is set up correctly and working properly. Things to look out for:

  • Lawn is healthiest when water reaches the roots. Watering during the day is generally inefficient it as the water will not get a chance to penetrate the soil well. Watering an hour or two before sunrise is far more effective since the sun is not yet up, the ambient temperature is generally at the lowest for the day and the irrigation water won’t evaporate as quickly.
  • Once you have established a good irrigation run time, your landscaper should make regular adjustments based on the changes of the seasons.
  • Overwatering not only costs money by wasting water but can damage your plants and lawn. The lawn is getting too much water if any area is mushy, or mushrooms and fungus is growing.  Let your landscaper know.
  • Your landscaper should do this, but it is prudent to periodically check your sprinkler heads to make sure that water is coming out, they are not being obscured by untrimmed plants or lawn, and that they are directed to the right area. Some runoff may be unavoidable, but a significant amount is a sure sign of water being wasted.
  • Watering is far less effective when it’s windy
  • Lawns should be mowed regularly to look their best and remain healthy.

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