Commercial Landscaping Spring Spruce Up.


You do not get a second chance to make a first impression.  Your landscaping is the first thing that a prospective client sees, so don’t underestimate the benefit of having a tidy and well maintained landscape garden at your business.

Spring is probably the best time of the year in Phoenix to make the most of your commercial landscaping. Also the time you want to spruce things up by planting, fertilizing and weeding.  Adding color to your landscape creates a great first impression and a refreshing work environment.  Doing this can save you money since healthy plants are better able to cope with rigors of the harsh Phoenix summer.

This is the time to feed, trim and shape your trees. Each tree will need to be treated according to its age, type and the soil conditions so this will require some specialist knowledge. Our technicians can take the headache out of this for you at a very reasonable cost.

Watering schedules need to be progressively adjusted to compensate for the warmer weather and the change in the seasons. A thick healthy lawn will not only add a welcome splash of color to the desert landscape but also a refuge from the searing heat of gravel landscaping.

Planting Rye grass is common to maintain a great looking winter garden, but as spring progresses and temperatures warm up, the Rye grass will die back and the Bermuda begins to reactivate.  In spring, depending on the weather, your lawn watering schedule will have to be continually adjusted. Rye grass needs to be watered about twice a week where Bermuda only needs water once a month. Overwatering at this time of year is liable to promote the growth of fungus that will weaken your lawn and make it vulnerable to the coming summer heat.

Warm weather causes weeds to sprout and the spring rains make them sprout even more. Spring is the time to attack weeds. Pre-emergent treatments destroy seeds that are getting ready to sprout so is best done in early spring. Post emergent treatment destroys plants that are already growing. It is best to do a post emergent treatment as soon as possible while the weeds are young and vulnerable as the treatment is better able to target shoots while they are tender.  

Why not let Sunstate Lawn’s technicians take all the guesswork out of these tedious tasks so you can make a great impression for your clients and a rejuvenated environment for your employees? Contact us for a quote.

Our mission is to keep your landscaping looking its best at all times, without headaches and within budget.