Commercial Landscaping tasks for April

Climate Information for April in Phoenix, Arizona

One of the most important aspects of Commercial Landscaping is irrigation. Over-watering is common and the winter storm season is not quite over yet.

As the season warms up, late storms are still a factor so your property’s watering schedule will need to be continually adjusted to take account of the seasonal temperature and rainfall variations as well as expected actual local weather conditions.

This is the ideal time to get your landscaper to plant out garden beds and to capitalize on the best weather Phoenix has to offer by freshening up your landscaping.


Average: 0.22 inches
Record: 3.4 inches (1926)


Average High: 84.5 F
Lowest High: 52 F (1915)
Record High:  105 F (1989, 1992)

Average Low: 55.3 F
Lowest Low:  77 F
Record Low:  35 F (1922)

Note: Rainfall and temperatures vary widely within the valley depending upon elevation and microclimate.

 Commercial Landscaping To Do List:

  • As the weather warms and days lengthen, adjust your irrigation timer to water more frequently. Be sure to run your system long enough to wet the top two feet of soil. Deep, infrequent watering is much better than a daily sprinkle.
  • Tree water use, desert types being the exception, increases rapidly during this period of leafing out and gradually higher air temperatures.
  • Allow your wildflowers to go to seed. They will produce a natural healthy feast for birds as well as reseeding themselves to come up again in your yard next year
  • Consider including Arbor Day in in your commercial landscaping plans ( The Last Friday in April).
  • Begin fertilizing Bermuda grass lawns during late April or early May. Follow the directions on the container.

Don’t Do List:

  • Do not prune citrus except to remove dead or damaged wood and branches obstructing pathways, views, or structures.
  • Do not use pre-emergent herbicides in an area in which you intend to plant seeds.
  • Do not plant seeded Bermuda until the soil warms up in mid to late May.

Discuss these issues with your commercial landscaper.  Any quality Commercial Landscaping company will have a seasonal plan for these items and should be able to give you a timetable of the services that they will be rendering.

Pest and Disease Control

Your commercial landscaping seasonal regimen should take account of  pests and diseases through regular inspection.  Sudden onset of the following symptoms are signs of possible problems:

Let our experts assess your landscaping to show you how we can help you keep you landscaping looking its best, without headaches and within budget.

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