Pre-Emergent Weed Control in Commercial Landscaping

Phoenix experiences extremes in weather and while Bermuda Grass goes dormant in the winter months, weeds remain a problem.  With the onset of spring, conditions improve for all growth and weeds begin to emerge.  Seeds can remain dormant amongst your landscaping for extended periods especially in commercial properties where they tend to be amongst open areas where weeds are not closely controlled.  Sun State Lawn has been controlling weeds in commercial landscaping for over 30 years.

One way to attack a weed problem is to target them before they germinate and start growing.  This is called pre-emergent weed control.  A pre-emergent weed killer is a chemical treatment that will prevent seeds from germinating.  This can be applied in either liquid or water based granular form.  Often a colorant is added as a temporary indicator that will show where the treatment has been applied assisting in attaining effective coverage.

Pre-emergent treatment is a part of our protocols since it is extremely effective.  If applied at the correct time, it greatly reduces the amounts of weeds that germinate. Pre-emergent treatments are effective on lawn and gravel areas.

While pre-emergent treatment is very effective, seeds are continually distributed and also some may have already germinated so will show up as the weather warms.  For this reason Post-emergent treatment is also done periodically.  This is best done early in the growth cycle to prevent unsightly growth and so as to prevent the weed from flowering and forming more seeds. Post –Emergent treatment is usually done by spraying a selective herbicide which targets broad leafed plants while leaving grasses unharmed.  Again colorant is sometimes added as a temporary indicator of which areas have been treated.  The colorant is biodegradable and will break down and fade within a matter of days.

Fertilization of grass helps with weed control since many weeds struggle to compete with healthy and strongly growing grasses.

We are proud to have specialist staff that is amongst the most highly trained in the industry.  They have specialized equipment that allows them to safely handle and apply.  Our crews often work at night since it is often less windy at night and liquid spray does not dry out before properly targeting the weeds within your landscaping.

At Sun State Lawn we customize treatments to offer you the best protection for your property, keeping it looking its best, without headaches and within budget.