Tree Trimming & Removal Service

Tree Trimming and Tree Service

Tree trimming and removal

Our in-house tree trimming and removal service division helps our customers stay within budget guidelines.  As part of our commercial landscaping maintenance program, we offer a full tree count of your property and care for your trees with the skilled workmanship they require to keep your property looking its best.  Our safety conscious well trained staff can help determine what is best for the overall health of your landscaping.

Our expert knowledge of the proper pruning and care of trees as well as the desert weather and the monsoon season in phoenix has helped us develop a prepared quick response plan.

The weather may be unpredictable but we are not.

 Sun State Lawn prides itself on being prepared for the unexpected! 

Storm Damage

The Monsoon season brings seasonal high winds that take their toll on your trees and shrubs especially if they are not properly trimmed and maintained.  Poorly maintained trees can present hazards to property and people.  Sun State Lawn is well equipped to respond to emergencies and pride ourselves on pro-actively dealing with storm damage to our client’s properties – often before they even know that they have a problem.


Trees are often planted in a way that does not take full account of the final size of the tree, trunk or root system. Over time, as it grows bigger (and heavier) trees or branches may become a liability to a building, and need to be trimmed or even removed.  This is generally done when it is felt to present a hazard to the building or public access way.

Root systems often grow under paving or walling, and over time could present a problem by causing the paving or foundations to shift most likely requiring tree trimming or removal.


Trees die for various reasons.  It may be that the tree has simply reached the end of its life cycle or been attached by insects or diseases.  Apart from becoming unattractive, dead or diseased trees present a hazard and need to be trimmed.  Trees or limbs that may fall on buildings, people or equipment  are dangerous and need to be removed for the general safety of the public and your property. Regular tree trimming will prevent a hazardous situation from developing.

Structural Failure

In the harsh Arizona climate, fast growing trees are often planted to provide shade and ambiance as quickly as possible. However these trees are not always the strongest and can fail and become a liability.  Proper maintenance and tree trimming by our professionals will keep your tree in the best shape possible and properly trimmed to minimize the possibility of a hazard developing.


Removing any large tree presents several challenges.  Often on commercial properties, trees are planted amongst and close to buildings.  Expansion and construction projects often require tree trimming or even the removal of complete trees.  This is best left to the experts so let us help you solve the problem in a safe and cost efficient manner.

Palm Trees

Palm trees grow upwards rather than outwards.  This makes them well suited to the desert climate in Phoenix, but they require regular care and maintenance.  Palms shed their fronds as they grow, and while they will eventually drop, they look unsightly and can be a hazard.

Improper trimming can leave the tree vulnerable to storm damage or weaken the structure of the tree.  Owing to their height and nature, the proper care and maintenance of palm trees is best done by palm tree trimming experts.  Our staff have teh equipment and training to take the best care of your palm trees.