Smart Irrigation Systems

Smart Irrigation Controllers

Most commercial landscaping comprises a diverse range of plants to create a rich diversity of textures, fragrances and  colors.  Each of these elements have differing requirements and often plants get over-watered in order take account of irrigation system design flaws and to meet the needs of the least hardy of the plants in that zone.

Smart Controllers are a new generation of irrigation systems that address these issues by delivering water efficiently and effectively to your commercial landscaping.  And they are capable of automatically adjusting to a weather normalized pattern of usage, as required. This means that a smart irrigation controller will adapt to meet the actual needs of the plants in each hydra-zone effecting significant savings by minimizing runoff and optimizing water consumption.

Significant Benefits

Studies over the last 10 years have proven the technology to yield significant savings and have identified this technology as one of the most valuable tools available to improve landscape management and reduce landscaping costs. Smart irrigation controllers have been shown to yield many benefits.

  • Save Money by reducing runoff and eliminating waterlogged gardens. With potential savings of 20%, payback can be measured in months.
  • Convenience – smart control technology allows faster and more efficient commercial landscaping management.
  • Improved landscape appearance and health. Applying the proper amount of water usually improves landscape quality and makes your plants more durable.
  • Better feedback about the performance of the irrigation system. Smart controllers offer diagnostic tools not available on traditional irrigation controllers.
  • Consistently applying the proper amount of water to a zone often reveals installation, design and distribution uniformity problems or other system deficiencies that may have been masked by excess application in the past.


Studies have shown that the tendency to address deficiencies in an irrigation system is to over-water. Once water can be accurately applied, problems become apparent and can be addressed.  This means that over time, a smart irrigation system allows you to continue to make changes and increase your savings through continually improving your irrigation system.

Savings do not only come from the reduction of water consumption but giving yoru plants the correct amount of water actually makes them healthier and more durable. Our smart irrigation systems innovative self adjusting smart grid technology ensures that your system will continue to  perform optimally year in and year out.

Unique Features

The most exciting aspect is that the smart irrigation systems that Sun State Lawn supplies and installs are able to retrofit to most major existing controller brands. This means that we will most likely be able to upgrade your system by adding a plug-in self contained Smart irrigation controller that will interface with our programming system to give you access to the  savings and benefits that these systems offer.

Once the system is installed and set up, it will run automatically and continually adjust to optimize you watering schedule according to the season and weather conditions – leaving you with one less thing to worry about.

Irrigation Design

The controller is only one part of the system.  Any irrigation system should be properly designed and installed in order to deliver optimum results.  Changing the controller will yield benefits but cannot compensate for a poorly designed system. As we have pointed out, upgrading to a smart controller will likely highlight such flaws, so this is a great opportunity to review your entire system and formulate a practical and affordable plan to maximize your savings potential by optimizing the complete system.

Our irrigation experts are trained to review your irrigation system design and can check your controller for upgrade compatibility.  Let us advise you as to how we can help you to save money now and in the future.  Contact Us

Let us keep your commercial landscaping looking its best at all times –                     Without headaches and Within budget.