Irrigation Installation and Repair

Commercial Irrigation Maintenance and Repairs

The irrigation division of Sun State Lawn consists of highly trained and experienced techs.  We offer a complete walk through and assessment of the irrigation system.  We understand the desert climate environment very well.  We accurately diagnose our customers properties watering needs and current condition in order to continually adjust their systems to achieve the best and most efficient results.

Irrigation Installation

We also offer new installation for new property construction as well as updating a costly out of date system. Property owners invest a significant about of time and money to make their properties look attractive.  In these times it can be the difference between renting out a property or  not!

Not only do well maintained properties command better rent but old and inefficient irrigation systems can be wasteful of water but cost the property manager money to replace plants that have died.

Our 24 hour emergency service helps plan for the unplanned.