How to get the most out of your commercial landscaper

commercial landscping of retail areasKeeping your commercial property looking good is a priority for every property owner.  It is all about curb appeal.  Tenants prefer good looking properties and you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression on prospective tenants or your tenant’s visitors.  Especially in this economy, professional landscaping can make the difference between an occupied and unoccupied property.

Commercial properties are businesses too and property managers are budget conscious and want to get the best possible landscaping and service for their money. There are many possibilities but what is the right approach for you property and how exactly can you be sure that you are getting good value and service out of your commercial landscaper?

At Sun State Lawn we believe in keeping our client’s properties looking their best, without headaches and within budget. We believe the following tips will help maximize your landscaping dollars.

Evaluating and Understanding Your Property

Without a thorough understanding of your property, you will not be able to judge what you are being offered. Each landscaping company you might contact will offer you different services.  Unless you know your property in reasonable detail, you may well think you are getting a good deal but actually wind up with sub-standard service and much less than you bargained on.

The process of gaining a good understanding of your property, will give you the ability to have a meaningful discussion with your landscaper as to what of the existing landscaping is an asset and what needs to be changed as well as being open to a professional opinion on low budget enhancements that you had not considered.

Unhealthy or poorly maintained plants reflect poorly on your property.  Items that take a long time to establish and grow to their full potential like trees and shrubs need to be properly placed and planted in an environment that will suit their needs.

The climate in Phoenix is harsh and there is a misconception that only cactus’ and scorpions do well here. There is a wide range of indigenous plants that can provide a lush and colorful backdrop, screen, sound dampening barrier or simply to properly frame a stunning view. A professional landscaper can help you to designing your landscaping to truly enhance your commercial space in an artful and enduring manner. A benefit is that professional landscapers will be able to help to avoid maintenance or potential safety problems with trees, fence lines and public access ways.

Irrigation is the heart of any landscaping. A professional will know how best to group plants and also how to set up and program your irrigation systems for optimum results.  A properly laid out and programmed irrigation system will save you money while ensuring your property looks stunning.