Question: What are your procedures for weather delays?
Answer: Your property will be on a regular schedule same days each month. If the weather causes a disruption or delay in our schedule and we are unable to do your service on the scheduled day, it will be scheduled for the following day. If the weather continues to cause a delay in your service, we will do our best to schedule a partial service in order to keep your property maintained until your next full service visit.


Question: What happens if storm damage occurs at one of my properties?
Answer: The weather in the greater Phoenix area is seasonal and we adjust our maintenance accordingly.  There is always a possibility of high winds and severe weather in the Monsoon season, which will cause disruptions and delays. Our job is to keep your landscaping looking its best, which includes making sure that your trees and shrubs are properly trimmed and secured. We also perform a courtesy service of inspecting your property for storm damage and scheduling necessary repairs and maintenance, which may also cause a disruption of our regular schedule.Our pledge to you is to provide comprehensive landscaping management and we appreciate your understanding when this disruptions happen.


Question: What happens when I have an obstruction blocking access to an area on my property?
Answer: If we are prevented from doing all or some of our scheduled landscaping services on our scheduled day because of obstructions of any kind, we will perform our scheduled work in the best possible manner, with full consideration to the nature and duration of the obstructions and the safety of your tenants, their visitors and our staff. Examples of such would be; (a car blocking the gate to any serviced area, any contractor’s equipment left in the service area, fallen trees blocking access to any service area, etc.)


Question: When do we trim Palm Trees?
Answer: Normally we trim Palms during the end of August to beginning of September. The nature of the maintenance scheduled will depend on the type and size of Palm Tree.